The Hunger No One Sees

by Russ Hitt

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The Hunger No One Sees is a 5-song collection exploring the hidden hurts and hopes we often keep from others and, at times, even ourselves...

Insecurity and isolation.

Blessing while letting go.

Embracing life without fear.

Finding serenity in the midst of it all.

May these handful of songs bless the space between us.


released June 15, 2016

All songs written, performed, recorded and mixed by Russ Hitt


all rights reserved



Russ Hitt Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and composer specializing in thoughtful, relaxing and nostalgic instrumental Christmas and holiday music.

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Track Name: Good Scar
are you the type of guy
that calculates your moves
you play it safe and sound
you play the game not to lose
afraid to take a chance
you think you'll wait and stay
stuck in the middle
just burning through another day

are you the type of guy
you like to look around
for ways to light it up
so you can burn it down
you like to push it hard
play the game to win
keep on climbing the ladder
just an illusion

are you looking for something
something real something true
are you looking for freedom
where insecurity rules
to know what you want
you gotta know who you are
if it's a battle worth fighting
it's gonna leave a good scar

i'm the type of guy
it's hard to nail me down
some days i'm flyin' high
some days can't get off the ground
sometimes i'm scared of my shadow
sometimes i chase it off
these thoughts i can't help but straddle
just wanna make'em stop

we're all looking for something
something real something true
we're all looking for freedom
but insecurity rules
to know what we want
we gotta know who we are
if it's a battle worth fighting
it's gonna leave a good scar
it's gonna leave a good scar
Track Name: Only Imagine
do you ever take a moment
and stare at your own face
the lines they tell the story
of the journey to this place
are you living in the moment
or clinging to the past
are you too scared of a future
that keeps coming way too fast

if you can only imagine
don't be afraid to dream
open up your heart
embrace the mystery of life

when will you ever notice
the illusions have to fail
you can fight to stay between the lines
and still go off the rails

if you can only imagine
don't be afraid to try
open up your heart
there's more to you than meets the eye

so you start to ask some questions
now be honest with yourself
don't trust all their suggestions
trust your heart and nothing else

so the questions keep on coming
where do you go you go from here
don't be surprised if you get angry
but don't give in to fear
Track Name: Hide
dirty dishes in your kitchen
dirty laundry on your floor
all the dry bones in your closet
you can't shut the door

all the clutter in your basement
you can't give away
and the bodies in your bedroom
you can't hide the shame

weeds out in the garden
hide the colors from the light
the fruit that you've been growing
slowly rotting on the vine

winds that keep on blowing
always find the whispering pines
you're afraid they might be telling
all the secrets you can't hide

this hurt that you've been hiding
behind a pretense that is feigned
all the effort in misguiding
to throw us off your trail of pain

who do you think you're fooling
as a pillow hides your screams
is all this pretending
worth all this suffering

the winds will keep on blowing
and they'll find the whispering pines
they're telling you a secret
that you don't have to hide
no more no more
you don't have to hide
no more no more
Track Name: Bless You
i can't take it any more
all the pain i've held of yours
it was never even mine to bear
i just wanted to help

what happened to you isn't fair
and for all your heavy cares
what you're asking me to do
won't make them go away

it doesn't meant that i don't care
i can't give what i don't have to share

bless you bless you love
heal your broken heart
and every wounded part
bless you bless you love
from within and from above
bless you love

with the way that things were left
unresolved with ends unkept
i regret that it was such a mess
i still carry it today

you may find yourself surprised
how many times you cross my mind
i think of you and thoughts are kind
and send you love

i want to be who i should be
but i can't walk this close to you and not lose me

even if you'd understand me
it wouldn't mean a softer landing

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